About H3 Environmental

H3 Environmental consists of experienced professionals solving complex technical and regulatory challenges. We pride ourselves on innovation, integrity, and work ethic.

Our team brings expertise in health physics, radiochemistry, and environmental health to offer uniquely customized, defensible solutions and support. We are committed to providing scientifically sound work products of the highest quality. 

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H3 Environmental has expertise in: 
• Radioactive materials license preparation, maintenance, and termination
• Radiological measurements, monitoring, analysis, and reporting
• Planning and support for site characterization, decommissioning, final status surveys, release of property, and waste management within NRC, EPA, and State frameworks
• Radiation safety training and auditing
• Development and implementation of Radiation Protection Programs  

Our staff brings over 30 years combined experience licensing new facilities, drafting license amendments for currently licensed sites, decommissioning and reclamation planning for NRC, EPA, and DOE-regulated sites as well as interfacing with State and local authorities.

Our staff can serve as Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) for NRC and Agreement State radioactive material licenses. We are currently serving as RSO for one NRC and two Agreement State sites.

Our team includes Certified Health Physicists and radiation protection and environmental science specialists familiar with the following frameworks:
• MARSSIM, MARSAME, and MARLAP guidance for sample plan development and analytical approach (including Visual Sample Plan software)
• Dose modeling and compliance demonstration using RESRAD family of codes, EPA PRG tool, CAP88, MILDOS, MICROSHIELD
• Statistical data analysis using R, JMP, and ProUCL
• Field data collection including GPS-based radiation surveys
• GIS data management including ArcGIS, ArcMap 

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